The Specialists In Aerosol Cream

With over 30 years’ experience in the supply, marketing and distribution of aerosol cream products we have a reputation for being the specialists in this category.

We supply a range of varieties to suit your requirements including standard dairy cream, vegetarian and vegan options.

Subject to volume and packaging commitments we can offer

  • Private label
  • Tertiary branded
  • Lactose Free
  • Vegetable aerosol whipped cream (made using dairy and vegetable fats)
  • Soya Spray
  • Our branded creams are available generally to interested stockists

Our 250g retail cans and 500g catering size cans are available supplied with the standard nozzle, or with the much preferred Tulip nozzle, which dispenses whipped cream professionally. The transparent cap supplied is proven to help caterers manage hygiene.

A range of alternate coloured caps for use with private label packs are also available subject to volume requirement.

Cuisine Sweetened UHT Dairy Aerosol Cream 500g

Cuisine Sweetened UHT Dairy Aerosol Cream  is made from real dairy cream, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives added.

Packed in a case size of 6x500gm, Cuisine Dairy Aerosol Cream has 6 months shelf life from the date of production and is suitable for ambient or chilled display.

A must stock product for all foodservice operators.

Dorlay Squirty Topping 250g

If you are looking for a cream alternative then try Dorlay Squirty Topping, made with skimmed milk and vegetable oil.

Packed in a case size of 12 x 250gm, Dorlay Squirty Aerosol Topping is a decorative topping based on skimmed milk and vegetable fat.

It has 7 months shelf life from date of production and is suitable for ambient or chilled display.

This retail size is conveniently positioned and available in many independent and symbol group retail stores.

VEGAN Hopla Dairy-Free Whipped Topping 250g 

As Vegan demand grows, Hopla offers a great alternative for delicious coffees or with your desert creations.

With no hydrogenated fats, this 100% plant-based UHT topping has a long shelf life and is lactose, gluten and dairy free.

Registered and approved by the Vegan Society.

See more of our vegan and dairy-free range here.

Private Label

We will be pleased to discuss your requirements for private label for both standard or light variants, subject to minimum volume requirements.

We can supply with an innovative Tulip nozzle which dispenses the cream professionally. A transparent cap is also available.