Flavoured & Shaped Butter Products

Staple Food Group’s Butter Portions are a great way to reduce waste, manage cost and add a flavourful finishing touch to all of your recipes.

Our Butter Portions are available in rosette, disc and other convenient shapes and sizes. Whether you want to include a butter shaped logo or add a great flavour to your themed dishes we have the range and flexibility to help.

Our standard range of flavours include; Garlic & Herbs, Parsley, Tarragon, Chives, Peppercorn and Lemon. Bespoke flavours can be created to your recipe requirement.

Produced with full BRC accreditation.

Available in:

  • 10g IQF Cuisine Salted Butter Rosettes
  • 20g IQF Unsalted Butter Rosettes

Catering size portions are also available. More information on request.
Bulk Butter – available in pallets of 40 x 25kg.

Butter Oil & Concentrated Butter

We are also able to supply Butter Oil (in liquid format) and Concentrated Butter (in solid format).

Our Butter Oil (also known as AMF or Anhydrous Milk Fat) contains 99.8% dairy fat.

This product is generally supplied in liquid format and due to a low water content (0.2%) has superb shelf-life qualities and can be stored at room temperature. We also supply specialist functional butter oils in frozen canned format for applications that suit manufacturing clients. These can be stored and used as a chilled product post defrosting.

Butter Oil can be used in many manufacturing applications but is particularly suited to confectionery/chocolatier work, sauce production, ice cream making, basting and other applications where its liquid state makes application/injection particularly beneficial.

This product will solidify at 16°C and return to a liquid state at 36°C.

Our concentrated butters are technically designed with moisture removed to meet the specialist requirements for producing pastry. The removal of moisture is particularly beneficial in the production of laminated and French pastry where its elastic texture and easy aeration properties give greater lift  during the baking process. With a higher melting point (36°C) this suits production of croissants and other multi-layered Viennoiserie, dough making, cake mixes and buns. 

These products are supplied in solid format and contain 99.8% dairy fat.

Due to their higher concentration these butters can be used in less volume to standard 82% butter.