Created with you in mind…

Thoughtfully created for chefs and caterers alike to keep you current with the latest artisan trends for premium, high quality baked goods. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, our versatile selection of bake off Viennoiserie and Thaw & Serve Breads and Morning Rolls are supplied as a convenient frozen range to offer you optimum profitability and reduce waste.

Our Vegan range covers high end and cost-sector options to offer solutions to Chefs & Caterers who do not wish to carry broad ranges. We also offer a mixed pallet service to minimise the volume stocked to service your business needs.

Whether for breakfast, brunch, starters or main course we have the range to meet your requirements.

Large Brioche Bun 80g
Large Brioche Bun Hinge-Cut 80g
Small Brioche Bun 80g
Clam Shell Brioche Bun 50g
Large Brioche Hot Dog Roll 95g
Large Rosemary Focaccia 100g
Sandwich Ciabatta 100g
Round Ciabatta 80g

White Sub Roll Hinge-Cut 95g
Large Rosemary Focaccia 100g
VEGAN Brioche Style Hot Dog Roll 95g
VEGAN Brioche Style Bun 80g
VEGAN Sourdough Beer Bun 80g
VEGAN Sourdough Premium Bun 75g

Dots Mixed Donuts

Not only are our delicious donuts convenient in their individual flow wrapped packaging, they are also free from preservatives, artificial colours, trans and hydrogenated fats making our Dots Donuts a great option for your customers without compromising on quality or taste.

Made with sustainable Palm Oil. All of our Dots Donuts are made with Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) and Palm Oil Kernel (CSPKO).

Case info 
60 mixed units per case (15 of each variety)
70 cases per pallet

This is a thaw and serve product requiring just 5 minutes to defrost.

Each case is supplied with labels to place on the back of the wrapped Donut. The product will last 3 days once defrosted and can be date marked in situ to suit application.

Confetti – 55g
Tutti Colour – 55g
Sugared – 56g
Pink – 76g