Staple Food Group are proud to present our versatile new range
of Eat Curious products.

At our Eat Curious site in Northamptonshire sits our innovative food development company producing a range of nutritious plant-based products packed with flavour, proving that meat-free doesn’t mean flavour free.

We’re here to grow a positive, curious and thoughtful attitude to plant-based food. Which is why we put curiosity at the heart of everything we do. So much so, we’ve built our own vertical farm – a near-off-grid, plant playground where we’re researching how to add even more flavour, nutrition and sustainability to the way we all eat.



The Curious Roast is a delicious pea protein roast  joint stuffed with our Curious Pattie mix, wrapped in a crispy skin, dusted with mixed herbs and black pepper.

The Curious Roast makes the perfect addition to Sunday Lunch menus everywhere. Not just an impressive centre piece, the roast makes ideal cuts for sandwich fillings and midweek hearty meals.

Roast in the oven from frozen for 120 minutes and serve up with all of your favourite trimmings. Don’t forget the veggie gravy!

Available in cases of 2 x 1.5kg


Delicious tender plant-based beef pattie topped with a premium succulent stuffing wrapped in puff pastry, dusted with cracked black pepper. Ideal for a centre plate offering taking plant-based food to another level.

Our Products:
Curious En Croute – Mooin’

Available in cases of 18 x 195g


Our Eat Curious fillets are available in a crispy panko crumb or lightly dusted in a southern fried coating, made from a special blend of pea protein and our curious flavours. Perfect to be served in a burger or sliced for a salad or a plant-based katsu curry. Eat Curious breaded fillets and Eat Curious southern-fried fillets can both be cooked from frozen, in the oven in just 15 minutes or deep fried in just 10 minutes. Then simply add to your dish or chosen sauce.

Our Products:
Curious Breaded Fillets
Curious Southern-Fried Fillets

Available in cases of 25 x 100g


Eat Curious tenders made from our special blend of pea protein and our Curious flavours then dusted in a crispy panko crumb or lightly dusted in a southern-fried coating. Perfect served as a side, in a wrap or a burger. Eat Curious tenders can be cooked from frozen, in the oven in just 12 minutes or deep fried in just 8 minutes.

Our Products:
Curious Breaded Tenders
Curious Southern-Fried Tenders

Available in cases of 3.25kg


Tender, delicious, juicy protein mince, perfect for those with dietary restrictions. Our Eat Curious Mince contains no allergens such as dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts. Whether you’re looking to create a classic bolognese, spicy chili, salad bowl or a filling lasagna, Eat Curious Mince is the perfect ingredient for your meal.

Our Products:
Curious Mince – Mooin’

Available in cases of 4 x 500g


Tender delicious juicy protein pieces available unflavoured or coated in a hot and spicy or a BBQ glaze. Perfect for those with dietary restrictions, our pieces contain no allergens such as dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts. Our versatile Eat Curious Pieces are perfect for a variety of culinary applications including pizza toppings, pies, salad bowls, stir-fry, pasta dishes, curries and more!

Our products:
Curious Pieces – Mooin’
Curious Pieces – Hot & Spicy Flavour
Curious Pieces – Barbeque Flavour

Available in cases of 4 x 500g


Our Eat Curious Bangers are flavoured with sage and parsley. Perfect for a big veggie breakfast, summer hot dog or wintery bangers and mash. Cook the Eat Curious Bangers from frozen and shallow fry, oven cook or grill in just 12 minutes.

Our Products:
Curious Bangers

Available in cases of 3kg (approx. 50g each)


Our Eat Curious Patties are tender and juicy, made from our special pea protein mix flavoured with sage and parsley. They make a great breakfast wrap or bap, a perfect way tostart the day! Cook from frozen in the oven for just 12 minutes or shallow fry in just 5 minutes, ideal for busy food service operators.

Our Products:
Curious Pattie (Round)
Curious Breakfast Pattie

Available in cases of 50 x 65g


Introducing our plant -based egg alternative, our Eat Curious Negg contains no allergens such as dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts. It can be scrambled or used to make a perfect breakfast omelette.

Our Products:
Curious Negg

Available in cases of 3 x 1kg