It’s the final week of Veganuary 2022! If you’re one of the many businesses who have added vegan offerings to your ranges and menus then you’ll know how much quality vegan cheese alternatives are in demand. Cheese is still the number one item most new vegans grapple with so a good quality, tasty alternative is a lucrative area to invest in. 

Our Green Vie range offers a great variety of cheese alternatives to suit many needs; melty toppings for pizzas, tasty additions to salads and pastas and a wide selection for cheese boards. We offer our most popular lines in sizes to suit both retail and food service going up to 1kg bags or 3kg tubs. Take a look at our range here and get in touch to place your order to meet this growing demand.

Staple Food Group aims to inspire you to continue your vegan offerings throughout the year, so here’s another couple of plant based recipes to keep your ideas flowing in this final week of Veganuary 2022 and beyond!