Veganuary has announced today that this is officially the biggest Veganuary ever with 600,000 people pledging to give veganism a try this month.

This confirms what many industry leaders have been saying, vegan and plant based eating is the biggest food trend of 2022. This is set to continue throughout 2022 with 53% of Veganuary participants planning to stay fully vegan for the rest of the year. With a further 41% of UK households now being flexitarian, adopting a mix of plant based meals into their daily life, now is the time to make sure you have something to offer this growing customer base.

Staple Food Group’s vegan range has quantities which suit both retail and food service. From vegan bread offerings, a growing range of Green Vie Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives to our Hopla Dairy-Free Topping we have everything you need to get creative this Veganuary. And for further inspiration here are a couple more mouth-watering vegan recipes for you to try.

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