The Very Best In Cheese

When it comes to cheddar, whether for Foodservice, Wholesale or Manufacturing, we have the range to meet all requirements.

Our cheese is selected and graded to meet exacting flavour profiles. Mild, Mature and Extra Mature and are available packed in 2.5kg, 5kg and 20kg blocks. We also supply a full convenience range, comprising, grated, sliced, portioned and pre-packs.

All our cheese is sourced from accredited UK/Irish BRC manufacturers and is packed and supplied from first grade 20kg blocks. This consistency guarantees a quality product on every delivery.

Our Manor Park brand is available and on sale nationally, along with other in-house brands and labels to give you pack options. We would be pleased to discuss packing your own brand, subject to meeting minimum volume requirements.

Our Cheese range covers territorials such as, Red Leicester, Cheshire and Double Gloucester and other specialities like Best Blue Stilton and Raclette.

Product Categories