Excellence In Aerosol Cream

SFG Aerosol Cream Range

SFG Aerosol Cream Range

We have over 30 years experience supplying, marketing and distributing aerosol cream products and have a reputation for being specialists in this category.

We supply both real dairy cream or non-dairy cream varieties to suit your requirements and offer:

- Private label (subject to volume),

- Tertiary branded

- Own branded range of creams.

- Lactose Free.

- Vegetable aerosol whipped cream (made using dairy and vegetable fats)

- Soya Spray is also available.

250g retail cans and 500g catering sized cans are available supplied with the standard nozzle, or with the much preferred Tulip nozzle, which dispenses whipped cream professionally. A transparent cap is also available and is proven to help caterers manage hygiene. A range of coloured caps are also available.

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