We’re into week 2 of Veganuary 2022 and the buzz is around a growing number of restaurants launching new vegan menu options this month. Each year more major high street restaurants add vegan options to their January offerings to meet growing demand. It’s also a great to be recognised as being at the forefront of new trends. This particular plant-based trend is set to continue throughout the year, with many places keeping their vegan menus running after Veganuary.

The benefit of offering a menu which caters for both vegans and non-vegans ensures that you will maintain and grow your consumer base. Those who don’t offer a vegan option during January are set to lose out when it comes to where groups of both non-vegan and vegan people will choose to eat. Having vegan options ensures the non-vegans in a group will also eat at your establishment. Offering a vegan menu is no longer an expensive risk but rather a great marketing opportunity.

If you’re a food service customer looking to join the Veganuary trend but stuck on where to begin, then take a look at Staple food Group’s growing vegan range and contact us today to discuss your plant-based needs. 

For some more recipe inspiration, look no further than below for a couple more delicious plant based menu ideas and take a look at the recipes we tried out last week.