Convenient IQF Vegetables

Vegetables are grown extensively throughout the world and we are accustomed now to eating foods that are not native to our shores. Demand for all things exotic continues to grow!

Our accredited producers come mainly from two continents, Europe and Asia. Our suppliers meet the strict criteria and comply to the BRC, ISO, HACCP, & SEDEX requirements.

Free flowing IQF vegetables offer great flexibility and convenience for food manufacturers and the use of ready prepared vegetables is a great time saver, reduces waste and speeds up preparation time.

Our IQF vegetables are available to order for your convenience in palletised drops and mixed pallet drops. We also contract in full container quantities for larger food manufacturers or industrial sector customers.

We can meet all retail, wholesale and industrial pack sizes options from 1kg to 10kg. We offer spot or contract purchase arrangements.

If you cannot see a specific product on our list,  please call us and we will endeavour to source it for you.

IQF Vegetables Available Include:

  • IQF Garlic: Chopped, Cloves, Puree Tablets.
  • IQF Ginger: Puree Tablets, Peeled.
  • IQF Onion: Red/White, Diced, Sliced.
  • IQF Peppers: Red/Green/Yellow, Diced, Sliced.
  • IQF Red Chilli: Puree Tablets.
  • IQF Oyster Mushroom: Root ball & Crumble supplied as a meat alternative in Vegan products.